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NFL Week 2 Storylines (Officiating, Bold Two Pt. Conversions) Big Ben Done for '19, Mets On Life Support AGAIN, Pete Alonso's Ascent, MLB Wild Card Update, US Men's Basketball Disappointment

From last weeks' angry podcast to a somber one this week on Episode 91. On deck is the following:

Another wild and wacky NFL as Week 2 delivers lots of juicy storylines, including: The officiating throughout the league (another bad call for the Saints, Broncos hit with penalties in loss to the Bears) Losses at QB in New Orleans and Pittsburgh. Bold two point conversions. Ben Roethlisberger done for the season. How will his backup, Mason Rudolph, fare in getting a ton of the playing time? And much more as I go around the league.

The Mets playoff hopes are hanging by a thread with 13 games to go as they trail by four games in the NL Wild Card race. Can they pull off a miracle and make it to October? I'll explain why Pete Alonso is the future of this team and what should've been for a former Met who received early accolades, but never panned out to what we thought he'd become. Also, an up to the minute AL/NL Wild Card update and the hunt for baseballs' best record is on the line between the Yankees, Astros and Dodgers.

The US Men's Basketball team took a big hit in the FIBA World Cup as they finished in seventh place for the tournament. Is this cause for concern with the Olympics slated for next summer? I'll get into that, plus my Hero and Zero of the Week.

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Super Bowl 53 Matchup, Saints Robbed?, Chiefs Aftermath, Nets/Islanders Hottest NY Teams, MLB News

The stage is set for the big game in two weeks. I’m here to provide how both the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots got there, plus all of the latest in the world of sports on this edition of The JAYREELZ Podcast. The NFL hit a grand slam on Championship Sunday with epic overtime games in New Orleans & Kansas City. The Rams were able to eke out an win, but not without controversy. The officials admittedly blew a key third down call late in the game that will have lasting effects throughout the offseason. You’ll get my take on why that call wasn’t the reason the Saints lost and why pass interference calls should NOT be reviewed. The Patriots do it again. They’ve made their fourth Super Bowl in five years, five in eight and nine in eighteen during the Brady/Belichick era. I’ll share what put the Pats over the top and how Brady’s magic and Belichick’s mastery sealed another trip to the Super Bowl. Also, what this loss means for the Chiefs moving forward? I’ll get into a few of the storylines heading into the week before the Super Bowl and shed some early light on the game. There are some other sports news to touch on including the hottest teams not just in New York, but in the NBA & NHL with the Nets and Islanders, respectively. Plus, an update of what’s going on in the MLB Hot Stove and much more on this weeks episode of The JAYREELZ Podcast.  (Episode 50)

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NFL's Final Four, Jets New Coach, Manny Machado Decision?, Lakers & Celtics Struggles

We’re starting to feel the winter chill throughout the nation, but I'll keep you warm with all that’s going on in the world of sports on this weeks edition of The JAYREELZ Podcast. The NFL postseason is down to the final four. It wasn’t the best of weekends the NFL had in the divisional round. I’ll review all four games, preview the Conference Title Games with the Rams vs. Saints, followed by Patriots vs. Chiefs and what would be the best Super Bowl matchup come February 3rd in Atlanta. I’ll also chime in on the Jets new coaching hire, Adam Gase, the rest of the NFL teams who have employed new head coaches over the past week and the latest in the Antonio Brown saga in Pittsburgh. I’ll briefly touch on the National Championship Game demolition in College Football last week as Clemson smacked Alabama to win their second title in three years. I’ll also touch on news regarding Manny Machado as there is an offer on the table from the Chicago White Sox. Is he stalling, waiting for the Yankees to swoop in and make an offer? What’s going on with Bryce Harper as well? Plus, the Mets and Yankees continue to fine tune their rosters with somewhat surprising moves. I’ll close with what’s happening with the Lakers and Celtics in the NBA. Both teams have hit the skids, but for different reasons altogether. I’ll have all of that, and some final words regarding some tweaks that’ll take place with the podcast on this weeks episode of The JAYREELZ Podcast. (Episode 49)

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NFL Playoff Landscape After Week 16, Steelers Last Hope, College Football Playoff, MLB Hot Stove, LeBron's Comments & James Dolan Selling The Knicks?

What will lie under the Christmas tree as I deliver all of the shiny gifts, or possibly coal, on this festive edition of The JAYREELZ Podcast. We’re down to the final weekend of the NFL regular season. Week 16 certainly took shape as far as playoff positioning in concerned. I’ll get right to it to dissect what happened in the AFC & NFC playoff picture, including a heartbreaking loss for the Pittsburgh Steelers in New Orleans. With the Black & Yellow on the outside looking in, what are their chances of making the postseason? Do they have a shot? I’ll shed some possible light on a dim and dire situation. Plus, the latest on the Jets (Sam Darnold trending up, Todd Bowles trending down) and Giants (Eli Manning’s 2019 return?) as they close out the string. I’ll take a look at the College Football Playoff Semifinal as to who’ll meet in the National Championship Game. All of the MLB Hot Stove news with the Mets, Yankees, the big Dodgers-Reds trade and what that could mean for Bryce Harper? Also, LeBron James’s recent comments on tampering, NFL owners and getting paid and James Dolan open to selling the Knicks? It’s a smorgasbord of sports chatter as we get ready for Santa’s arrival on this weeks episode of The JAYREELZ Podcast. (Episode 46)

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