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Bryce's DestinationGate, Zion's SneakerGate, Robert Kraft's SexGate. Plus, NHL Trade Deadline & NBA Roundup

I’m closing out the month of February in strong fashion as I deliver all that’s happening in the world of sports on this edition of The JAYREELZ Podcast. Manny Machado has finally found a home in San Diego. With all players reporting for spring training, there is still one big fish out there not signed to a major league contract. Will Bryce Harper come to agreement with the Phillies who are hot on his trail? Or possibly the Dodgers, as they’ve stepped into the mix to procure the former MVP? You’ll get my up to the minute analysis on where this road may lead to and why I believe Philadelphia shouldn’t be a destination for the former National. All of the talk last week in college basketball was the injury to Duke’s ballyhooed freshman, Zion Williamson. It sparked a national debate on whether he should sit out for the rest of the season and enter the NBA Draft, how college players should be paid, etc. But I’ll give you the real reason why this is a story at all and I’ll point the finger as to who is the culprit in all of this mess. Then you have the developments of Friday’s charge to New England Patriots owner, Robert Kraft of soliciting a prostitute in a massage parlor in Florida. There’s still more to come with this story, but I’ll share firsthand why we shouldn’t jump the gun on prosecuting Mr. Kraft, but also should’ve known that this firestorm was going to come whether or not he’s guilty. Plus, the latest on the NHL trade deadline, a trip around the NBA and much more on this weeks episode of The JAYREELZ Podcast. (Episode 56)

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Sports 'Dead Zone', NBA Approaches The 'Break', Is Duke Saving College BBall?, Harper/Machado Saga Continues

We have reached the first sports ‘Dead Zone’ of the year and I’ll be here to get you through these dog days on the latest installment of The JAYREELZ Podcast. The NBA All-Star Break is upon us. I’ll recap the latest in the Association with last weeks trade deadline, what that means for the teams going forward, the all-star draft and the weekend itself as the league will descend to Charlotte come Friday. The Duke Blue Devils have been the star attraction of the NCAA. Are they saving college basketball, at least for this year? I’ll get into their prospects of a national title more than a month before the Tournament and who could be their roadblock come March. Pitchers and catchers have reported throughout the MLB, but where are its’ two biggest stars? We’re still waiting on Bryce Harper and Manny Machado to sign a long term deal with some club. Which teams are pursuing these generational talents? Will it be sooner? Later? I’ll share my thoughts on this and are the Yankees, and dare I say., Mets in play for one or the other? I’ll have that, plus the latest in the NHL as I get you through this ‘lean’ time in the world of sports on this weeks edition of The JAYREELZ Podcast. (Episode 54)

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Super Bowl LIII Recap, Rams Ineptitude, Edelman a HOF'er? (Really?), AD, KP, Kyrie & the NBA Trade Deadline. Harper & Machado Destination?

A champion has been crowned in the NFL, NBA players are ruling the roost and are we close to a decision on where Bryce Harper and Manny Machado are headed? Those are some of the topics I’ll discuss on this weeks edition of The JAYREELZ Podcast. The NFL season went out on a whimper as the Patriots defeat the Rams in the lowest scoring game in Super Bowl history. I’ll recap the good (not much), the bad (quite a bit) and the ugly (i.e. Sean McVay and Jared Goff) as this was a game to forget. A lot of talk has been made about Super Bowl MVP, Julian Edelman on whether he’s bound for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I touched on this two weeks ago (Episode 49) and I’ll revisit this again as to why he is NOT going to Canton. I’ll wrap up my Super Bowl thoughts on the commercials, the halftime performance and the who IS going to Canton for the Class of 2019. The NBA had a fascinating week of the court with all of the buzz generated by Anthony Davis (trade request), Kristaps Porzingis (trade request granted) and Kyrie Irving (trade in the works?) as we’re just a few days from the trade deadline. Players are more in control of their fate than ever! I have tons to say about this, so you’ll get an unfiltered view on why this is bad for the league? Lastly, have we gotten any closer as to where the top two superstars on the free agent market (Bryce Harper & Manny Machado) will end up? There have been talks out in San Diego as the Padres throw their hat in the ring, but at least for one player, he may have come to a decision as to where he’ll go. You’ll get all of that, and a little more on this weeks episode of The JAYREELZ Podcast. (Episode 52)

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Super Bowl 53 Matchup, Saints Robbed?, Chiefs Aftermath, Nets/Islanders Hottest NY Teams, MLB News

The stage is set for the big game in two weeks. I’m here to provide how both the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots got there, plus all of the latest in the world of sports on this edition of The JAYREELZ Podcast. The NFL hit a grand slam on Championship Sunday with epic overtime games in New Orleans & Kansas City. The Rams were able to eke out an win, but not without controversy. The officials admittedly blew a key third down call late in the game that will have lasting effects throughout the offseason. You’ll get my take on why that call wasn’t the reason the Saints lost and why pass interference calls should NOT be reviewed. The Patriots do it again. They’ve made their fourth Super Bowl in five years, five in eight and nine in eighteen during the Brady/Belichick era. I’ll share what put the Pats over the top and how Brady’s magic and Belichick’s mastery sealed another trip to the Super Bowl. Also, what this loss means for the Chiefs moving forward? I’ll get into a few of the storylines heading into the week before the Super Bowl and shed some early light on the game. There are some other sports news to touch on including the hottest teams not just in New York, but in the NBA & NHL with the Nets and Islanders, respectively. Plus, an update of what’s going on in the MLB Hot Stove and much more on this weeks episode of The JAYREELZ Podcast.  (Episode 50)

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NFL's Final Four, Jets New Coach, Manny Machado Decision?, Lakers & Celtics Struggles

We’re starting to feel the winter chill throughout the nation, but I'll keep you warm with all that’s going on in the world of sports on this weeks edition of The JAYREELZ Podcast. The NFL postseason is down to the final four. It wasn’t the best of weekends the NFL had in the divisional round. I’ll review all four games, preview the Conference Title Games with the Rams vs. Saints, followed by Patriots vs. Chiefs and what would be the best Super Bowl matchup come February 3rd in Atlanta. I’ll also chime in on the Jets new coaching hire, Adam Gase, the rest of the NFL teams who have employed new head coaches over the past week and the latest in the Antonio Brown saga in Pittsburgh. I’ll briefly touch on the National Championship Game demolition in College Football last week as Clemson smacked Alabama to win their second title in three years. I’ll also touch on news regarding Manny Machado as there is an offer on the table from the Chicago White Sox. Is he stalling, waiting for the Yankees to swoop in and make an offer? What’s going on with Bryce Harper as well? Plus, the Mets and Yankees continue to fine tune their rosters with somewhat surprising moves. I’ll close with what’s happening with the Lakers and Celtics in the NBA. Both teams have hit the skids, but for different reasons altogether. I’ll have all of that, and some final words regarding some tweaks that’ll take place with the podcast on this weeks episode of The JAYREELZ Podcast. (Episode 49)

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NFL's Final Month, MLB Winter Meetings, Heisman Trophy, NBA & NHL News

As winter slowly approaches, the sports scene heats up as I’ll dissect all that’s going on with this weeks edition of The JAYREELZ Podcast. The final quarter of the NFL season has begun and it certainly did not disappoint. Wild finishes in Miami, Oakland and Kansas City were just the start of another wacky Sunday in the NFL. Also, the Jets and Giants were both victorious on the same day in almost two years, with big contributions from their respective first round picks, Sam Darnold and Saquon Barkley. I’ll get into that and everything that took place over the weekend in Week 14 across the league. A Heisman Trophy winner has been crowned in college football. Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray gets the nod, but not without controversy. I’ll reveal what the furor was over what the QB said, and what makes for an interesting matchup with fellow nominee, Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa in the college football playoff on December 29th. The MLB Winter Meetings commence in Las Vegas today. I’ll share what to possibly expect as we may see some big moves take place as the Hot Stove will be sure to cook up a lot of rumors over the next few days. Plus, the NHL receives a new franchise and the latest in the NBA on this weeks jam packed episode of The JAYREELZ Podcast. (Episode 43)

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NFL Roundup! Giants Fizzle in Philly! College FB Review. Machado in Pinstripes?

Are you ready for a post-Thanksgiving helping of what’s going on in the world of sports? You’ve come to the right place as The JAYREELZ Podcast will fix a plate of all kinds of sports goodness to whet your appetite. The NFL season is about to head into the homestretch. Teams are jockeying for early playoff positioning in both the AFC & NFC. I’ll recap the week that was in the league, including the Steelers dud in Denver, Seattle guts one out in Carolina and what that loss means for the Panthers with two matchups vs. the Saints in the weeks to come. Plus, Pat Shurmer’s ineptitude in the Giants loss at Philadelphia which officially ends their season and the Jets hanging tough, but it’s not enough as their losing streak reaches five games with a loss to the Patriots. It was a wild weekend in college football with Michigan being embarrassed by Ohio St., Notre Dame hangs on vs. USC and Texas A&M wins one for the ages in a seven OT shootout with LSU. But all eyes are looking ahead to Conference Championship weekend as to who’ll be the last four teams standing for the right to play in the FBS playoff come December 29th. You’ll hear my take on all of the scenarios of who’ll make it and who won’t to decide this college football season. I’ll also chime in on the Manny Machado to the Yankees rumor, the Knicks recent success, other NBA news, some NHL talk, including a GM fired down in Philadelphia and much more on Episode #40 of The JAYREELZ Podcast. (Episode 41)

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MLB All-Star Break, Trade Rumors, Subway Series Pt. 2, World Cup Final

We've reached the Midsummer Classic as we're more than halfway into the baseball season. A lot of todays' chatter will swirl about what's going on around the diamond in Major League Baseball. Manny Machado to the Yankees? Are the Bombers looking for an ace pitcher? Bullpen help? Will the Mets pull the trigger on trading Noah Syndergaard or Jacob deGrom? What should they get back for some of their possible trade chips? You'll hear all of my thoughts regarding those questions. Plus, some insight on the first half of the MLB season, including surprises and disappointments from teams up until this point. I'll also touch on the World Cup Final between Croatia and France. Praise for NY Knicks #1 pick, Kevin Knox as good news about him is coming out of the NBA's Summer League. And a word on the tragic passing of former NHL goaltender, Ray Emery, who died at the age of 35. I'll deliver all of that, and a few other things as well, on this edition of The JAYREELZ Podcast. (Episode 20)

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