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The Mets Postseason Hopes On Life Support, NL/AL Wild Card Recap, NFL Player Movement, Novak 'Retires' From US Open

September has arrived, new beginnings on the horizon as we sink our teeth into Episode 88 of this latest sports talk party. On deck:

The Mets have fizzled at home where they've been successful, but have thrown their playoff hopes into Flushing Bay. I'll recap the week that was, and analyze if there's still a glimmer of hope? Plus, the AL/NL Wild Card races and the Yankees counting down the days until they secure their first division title in seven years, but shudder at the thought of one of their key players coming back.

Are you ready for some football? We're just days away from the start of the 100th season of the National Football League. I'll catch up on all of the player movement that took place over the weekend. Are the Miami Dolphins tanking? And I'll rehash if we've seen the death of the NFL preseason as we know it.

I'll also chime in on the latest that's going on at the US Open Tennis Tournament, Week 1 of the college football season, and of course, my Hero and Zero of the Week.

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NCAA's Sweet 16/Duke Escapes, Gronk Retires, Big Ben Awaits, MLB Over/Unders, deGrom's Contract Clock, NBA & NHL Homestretch

It’s officially spring! The Madness is in full effect! A baseball season is about to begin! And we’re into the homestretch of the NBA & NHL regular season. Chock full of sports chatter for your earbuds as I deliver all of that and then some on the latest edition of The JAYREELZ Podcast. We are down to sixteen teams in the NCAA Tournament. I’ll recap what took place over the weekend, including a miraculous outcome for the Duke Blue Devils, and review what lies ahead as we set our sights on the Final Four. I’ll touch on a couple of NFL tidbits. The retirement of Rob Gronkowski. Is he a Hall of Famer? What’s on the mind of Ben Roethlisberger as he has some questions to answer regarding his relationship with two of his former teammates in particular. And a couple of free agent signings throughout the league. The MLB season has begun (with the two games in Japan where Seattle sweeps Oakland), but it commences state side on Thursday as we usher in another year of baseball. I’ll set the table as I delve into the over/under win totals, the status of Jacob deGrom’s contract as Opening Day is just a few days away and tip my hand on the MLB Preview that I’ll have in store later in the week. I’ll also get into these last couple of weeks with the Celtics and Islanders as they head into the homestretch of a long, grueling season. Closing out the first quarter of 2019 in grand style with nothing but informative, entertaining and credible sports talk on this weeks episode of The JAYREELZ Podcast. (Episode 60)

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NBA's 'Second Half', Antonio Brown Saga, Jacob deGrom's Future, NHL Buyers & Sellers

As most of the country is celebrating a long holiday weekend, start your Monday off catching up with all that’s shaking down in the world of sports on this weeks edition of The JAYREELZ Podcast. The NBA All-Star Weekend is in the books so now we’ll focus on what lies ahead for the rest of this season. Will the Bucks hold the top spot in the East? Can the Raptors secure the #1 seed for the second year in the row? Do the Celtics have a big run in them? Can the Lakers make a push into the top eight in the West? Can anyone dethrone Golden State? Those questions and much more will be answered by yours truly as the Association commences their ‘second half’ on Thursday. The Antonio Brown/Pittsburgh Steelers soap opera has added another twist as the disgruntled WR is requesting a trade out of Pittsburgh. You’ve heard my thoughts on past podcasts about this, but there’s another layer to this never ending saga. Hear what I have to say about how the front office should handle this and how this move can actually make the team come together and be better as a whole. There’s a potential standoff rising in Flushing as Jacob deGrom and his agent are looking for a long term payday, but the Mets aren’t quick to pull the trigger because the reigning Cy Young Award winner still has two years left before he’s a free agent. I’ll share my take on what needs to be done and how this deal may possibly make or break this team for years to come. Also, some thoughts on the NHL as teams will start to buy or sell with the trade deadline a week away, Colin Kaepernick and the NFL have settled and Duke rises back to number one in the country. You’ll have all of this and a little more on this weeks episode of The JAYREELZ Podcast. (Episode 55)

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Yanks/MLB Postseason Preview, Jets/Giants/NFL Week 4, NHL Preview, College Football

One of the best sports months of the year has arrived. I’m here to usher it in with fast and furious sports talk on the latest edition of The JAYREELZ Podcast. When you’re the New York Yankees, it’s all about October. Wednesday night, they’ll host the wild card game in the Bronx vs. the Oakland A’s. You’ll get all of the analysis and breakdown of this do or die matchup as the winner will face the Boston Red Sox. There are also two play-in games in the NL today as we’ll crown division winners in the Central and West. Plus, a playoff preview and World Series prediction on tap with a final word on David Wright, Jacob deGrom and the 2018 Mets. The NFL seasons for the Jets and Giants are slowly slipping away. Gang Green was overmatched in Jacksonville, while the Giants couldn’t muster much against the Saints. You’ll hear what I have to say about both squads (WARNING to Giant fans: It’s not going to be pretty) and roundup all of the crazy action of Week 4 in the NFL, including last nights’ debacle in Pittsburgh. If you think dissecting the Giants isn't going to be a pretty one, wait ‘till you hear what I have to say about the Steelers? Another NHL season is on the horizon. I’ll discuss the locals (Rangers, Islanders and Devils) and what they may have in store and make a prediction on who’ll play for the Stanley Cup next spring. I’ll also add a word on Ohio State’s remarkable comeback in Happy Valley vs. Penn State and sprinkle a couple of other things as October kicks off a wild and crazy sports month on this weeks episode of The JAYREELZ Podcast. (Episode 32)

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Jets/Giants/NFL Week 2, Yanks/MLB Pennant Chase, Canelo-GGG

The ides of September packs a mighty sports punch and I’ll deliver all of what it has to offer on this weeks edition of The JAYREELZ Podcast. The Jets weren’t able to overcome their own mistakes as they fall in their home opener to their division rivals, the Miami Dolphins. While in Dallas, the Giants have to pick themselves off the deck with an uninspiring performance against the Cowboys. I’ll discuss how both teams need to rebound from these tough losses, including can the Jets bounce back in a quick turnaround Thursday night in Cleveland? I’ll recap another wild Week 2 in the NFL, with a few hot takes on the Steelers poor performance at home vs. the Chiefs and why the NFL needs to make a tweak on its OT rule? The Yankees are stumbling in September as they seem to be running out of gas towards game 162. In come the AL division leading Red Sox for three games, in which they can wrap up the AL East title with a victory. Hear my thoughts on the concerns of this Yankee team as they continue to battle to secure their home field advantage for the AL Wild Card. Plus, the latest in a crazy pennant chase throughout the MLB. I’ll even give my two cents on the fight between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin and why I didn’t even bother to watch! It’s another fast paced, high octane, rapid fire sports talk show party from yours truly, on this weeks episode of The JAYREELZ Podcast. (Episode 30)

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Yankees/Mets/MLB Pennant Races, College Football, US Open

September ushers in a busy sports month and I'm here to dissect it all on the latest episode of The JAYREELZ Podcast. The Yankees are in the midst of a long west coast trip as they've struggled to gain ground against the division leading Boston Red Sox. Now, the Oakland A's are hot on their tail as they've won the first game of a three game set, which is putting pressure on the Bombers as they maintain the top spot in the wild card race. I'll get into all of the various scenarios regarding the Yankees as they head into the final month of the AL pennant chase. As for the Mets, three things that'll be discussed are as follows. Jacob deGrom's Cy Young candidacy, David Wright's possible return and 1B Peter Alonso not being called up to the big team after a huge year in AAA. Plus, an up to the second recap on the AL & NL pennant races going on in the MLB. I'll take a look back at Week 1 of the college football weekend, where Notre Dame, LSU and Virginia Tech looked dominant in the primetime games the past few nights. Also, an update on the US Open Tennis Tournament as it enters its final week. Where's the NFL talk, you say? Stay tuned as I'll make an announcement on what to expect for my big 2018 NFL season podcast that you won't want to miss. You'll get all of that on this weeks' edition of The JAYREELZ Podcast. (Episode 27)

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Yankees/Mets/MLB Pennant Races, NFL News & Notes, Tony Delk Event

The dog days of August march on, but The JAYREELZ Podcast will keep you cool with all of what's going on in the world of sports. The Yankees close out an eleven game homestand with a sweep of the Toronto Blue Jays. They hit the road for six games, including two down in Miami to face the Marlins. It'll be the return of Giancarlo Stanton, playing his first game back since the blockbuster trade last December. You'll get my take on his anticipated return to South Beach, but more importantly, how this team will play out the last six weeks of the season as they're pretty much locked into hosting the wild card game on October 2nd. I'll briefly touch on the Mets, in particular, the quest for Jacob deGrom and the Cy Young Award in 2018. I'll go around the MLB to keep you up to date on what's happening in the AL & NL pennant race chase. I'll also take a look of the NFL Training Camp scene as we inch closer to another season opening in two and a half weeks. Plus, more on the event taking place in Manhattan with one time guest, former NBA Guard Tony Delk, promoting his book and wine collection and an update on my health. It's another action packed, fast paced sports talk party on this weeks edition of The JAYREELZ Podcast. (Episode 25)

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