NFL Week 15 Playoff Picture, Mets Upgrade Roster, NBA News

As we get closer to closing out 2018, the sports world continues to shine as we get into all of what it has to offer on this weeks edition of The JAYREELZ Podcast. NFL Week 15 surely didn’t mirror all of the excitement and drama as it did the week before, but you had thrilling finishes in Kansas City, Pittsburgh and Los Angeles which impacted playoff implications throughout the league. I’ll recap the meaningful games for teams jockeying for seeding and position in both conferences, including the Steelers slaying the Patriots dragon to keep their lead in the AFC North for another week. I’ll touch on the Jets and Giants as both teams suffer losses as they close out the string in this lost season. The Mets have added a catcher, but not the one that’s been rumored over the past few weeks. I’ll share my thoughts on who the Amazin’s brought in and what could possibly be their next move. I’ll get into a little NBA news and some other sports nuggets on this weeks episode of The JAYREELZ Podcast. (Episode 45)

Music by Bensound.