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2018 NY Mets Preview with Scott & Jerome

On this weeks' podcast, I get the fans involved. Not only are they good friends of mine, but they are true, diehard New York Mets fans in Scott and Jerome. Scott is a long time season ticket holder. He and Jerome are best buddies going as far back as high school, at the very least. Their love and passion for the Amazin's is without a doubt, unquestionable. What we cover dates back to the firing of Terry Collins, the hiring of new manager, Mickey Callaway and their offseason acquisitions. We also get into a heated debate about GM Sandy Alderson on whether he has the flexibility and autonomy to add payroll in light of the Madoff scandal earlier this decade. We dive into the current roster as it's built and whether it can be sustained through a 162 game schedule. Plus, expectations, predictions and even a trip down memory lane through some of the teams' toughest moments. It's a complete breakdown/therapy session of the upcoming campaign for the NY Mets. If you're a casual or rabid Met fan, this will resonate as you get to sink your teeth into this podcast. Even if you're not a fan of the blue and orange, but are a fan of baseball in general, this is a discussion that you'll truly enjoy. Prepare for interesting, in-depth commentary, plenty of disagreement and frustration, which makes this a great listen. Like the great Mets announcer, Bob Murphy, used to say, "Fasten your seatbelt!" This is going to be a fun ride. (Episode 5)

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Evan Roberts, Radio Talk Show Host of The Midday Show on WFAN 660AM NY

This week, I'm joined by one of the co-hosts of WFAN's midday show, Evan Roberts. Besides talking about the NY sports landscape (i.e. Jets QB situation. Should the Giants draft a QB with the #2 pick? Overview of the 2018 Mets & Yankees, among other topics). We discuss his tenure at the FAN. Fitting in at the station as a young pup amidst high profile talk show hosts. His working relationship with co-host, Joe Benigno. Was there a possibility of taking over Mike Francesa's drive-time afternoon slot upon his retirement from the station? Plus, you'll also be surprised by who he'd want to interview the most. All of that, and then some on The JAYREELZ Podcast. (Episode 4)

For more on Evan Roberts, his Twitter handle is: @EvanRobertsWFAN

Evan Roberts on WFAN's Midday Show:

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Sal Licata, Radio Talk Show Host of WOR 710AM NY

Sal Licata is my guest on The JAYREELZ Podcast this week. We deep dive on his start in the radio business. His days at WFAN working with Mike & the Mad Dog. A near fatal mistake that almost cost him his career, as well as, who his dream interview is. Plus, the entire NY sports scene, including his thoughts about the Mets and Yanks, who the new Jets QB for 2018 should be, and reliving his sports nightmare of his beloved Atlanta Falcons losing in Super Bowl 51.  (Episode 3)

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Maiden Voyage Into The Sports Podcast Universe

Hello Podcast Universe! This is my very first episode of The JAYREELZ Podcast. You'll hear about my personal story of how I became a fan of the teams I root for, how I'm a traditionalist when it comes to sports, (WARNING to fantasy sports enthusiasts), my sports talk show 'resume', and more importantly, my purpose for producing this podcast. I sincerely thank you for taking the time out to visit the blog page and 'click' into my perspective of the sports landscape. Please subscribe through iTunes, Google Play, Spreaker, Stitcher (coming soon) or whichever platform you listen and/or download content from as it'll gain visibility amongst the podcast universe. Also, visit any of my social media links at the bottom of this page. Send a comment or idea, if you wish. I hope you enjoy the first of many more pods to come! (Episode 1)