JAYREELZ 2019 MLB Preview (Including Mets & Yankees)

Are you ready to pop open some peanuts and Cracker Jack? The 2019 MLB season is here! I’ll cover everything on what this year has to offer on this special baseball preview of The JAYREELZ Podcast. The Yankees didn’t make a big splash this offseason, but certainly made some tweaks to an already robust lineup and lethal bullpen. I’ll discuss what are the keys to another big season in the Bronx and will they make it deep into October to capture that elusive  28th World Series flag? As for the Mets, we know it’s a bunch of what if’s, but there are three critical points in order for them to have a successful season. Listen to my analysis of what the Amazins’ can do to make it back to the playoffs for the first time in three years. I’ll also handicap all of the divisions in baseball, who’ll make it to the postseason, who will surprise and disappoint, my six over/under predictions and which team will be standing on the MLB mountaintop with the World Series crown this year. Wall to wall baseball to get you prepared for the 162 game marathon and beyond on this special edition of The JAYREELZ Podcast. (Episode 61)

Music by Bensound.