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Best Sports Month of the Year/REELZ Rant on Yankees Radio Announcer, John Sterling

My latest podcast is detailing why April is the best sports month of the calendar year. There is so much happening in sports that you can choose anyone of these topics (The Final Four, MLB Opening Weekend, the NBA/NHL postseasons, The Masters Golf Tournament and the NFL Draft) and it would be a great lead-in to start any podcast. I also have a REELZ Rant, as I vent on something I watched, read or listened to that I had to get off my chest. In this case, I was tuned in to the Yankees-Blue Jays game on the radio for their season opener. As I was listening to John Sterling, who is the play-by-play voice of the Yankees radio broadcasts, let's just say, that Giancarlo Stanton's home run call and his lack of describing the action of a baseball game are lightning rods for criticism. For that, and a word on potential future guests, click to download the latest edition of The JAYREELZ Podcast. (Episode 6)

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