The sports evolution of jayreelz

October 1973. I'm in my living room with my mom and great-grandfather watching the National League Championship Series between the Cincinnati Reds vs. New York Mets. Out of nowhere, I recall my mom screaming in disgust. Her anger was directed at Pete Rose. He incited the now infamous brawl against Mets SS Bud Harrelson, who was forty pounds lighter than the Reds LF. Since that moment, I became enamored. Not just in watching my mom spew vitriol towards the TV rooting passionately against the heavily favored Big Red Machine, but having an interest at that tender age in who are the 'good guys' wearing blue and orange.

I was four years old.

From that moment on, I've mimicked the famous broadcasting voice of the old Met announcer Lindsay Nelson. Memorized all of the players and what number they wore. Also, had visions and dreams of becoming a future CF of the Amazin' Mets.  The last one never came to fruition, but it was undeniable what my love would be for many decades to come.

In the mid-90's, I had dabbled in filmmaking as a writer/director. While juggling a couple of projects at the time, a long time friend of mine coined the nickname JAYREELZ, as a direct correlation to a film 'reel'. Although it doesn't relate to anything in regards to sports, it was a name that stuck. I decided to carry it on as a moniker that I'd hope to make a household name one day.

My broadcasting journey started back in the fall of 2001. I hosted a weekly hour long, sports talk show out of The Bronx. It was a community radio station at The Point Community Center in Hunts Point (WPNT 1700AM). I cut my teeth for seven solid years, honing my craft with possibly a handful of people (if that) tuning in. Come June 2008, I decided to transition onto internet radio, hosting a one hour, two-way talk show called The JAYREELZ Sports Talk Radio Program for BlogTalkRadio. In the fall of that year, I added another member to the mix.  It was re-named The Final Word with JAYREELZ & J.D. We lengthened the show to two hours, from 8pm-10pm ET, every Wednesday. It became the top sports show on the network in October of 2010. Then came the big break. In January 2015, I'd become a part time fill-in host for Long Islands' popular weekend sports talk program, SportsTalk1240AM WGBB in West Babylon, NY. All of my prior work at the community station and internet radio certainly paid off, but I'm far from finished. It's onto the world of podcasting. Independently written and produced, I promise to deliver top notch content that'll be informative, engaging, knowledgeable, but most of all, entertaining, inspiring and credible. I haven't amassed all of this time, effort, energy and knowledge just to leave it sitting on the shelf. Hence, the launch of another endeavor to share with the world. Welcome to The JAYREELZ Podcast.